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with LeBLANC Model Driven Development
Streamline the

Development Process

Get results faster, and with smaller teams. The method emphasizes the Thinkers role in creating the application, who iterate on the requirements & design. Use the fully working application to evaluate your ideas from day one. Doers (the coders) are introduced very late in the project, and their role is minimal compared to traditional (agile) software development methods.

Model Driven Development
Automation is the key in

Model Driven Development

Roughly 80% of the final application is automatically produced from the model. This leads to quality improvement as the generated code is error free, which in turn leads to less test/fix iterations: You only need to test the parts that involve human code. The application is coherent, meaning the same problem is always solved the same way. Because of this, application is more easy to communicate with others. The method also eases the technical design burden: The resulting application is implemented by current industry best architecture practices, patterns and idioms.

Top Class

Application Features

"Add your business content, and we handle the rest". We've done A LOTS of heavy lifting for you. Straight out of the box, your application contains enterprise grade line-of-business application features like:

Authentication, authorization, role based use rights
Multilingual UI with automatic machine translations
Enterprise search
Business process engine
Relational database & document storage
Capture data changes
Modern, whitelabeled user interface
Secure API Layer for integrations
Logging, monitoring, user profiles, notes... and more!

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