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Model Driven Development

Method and Tooling

Productivity Quantum Leap

Expect at least 50% reduction in line-of-business application development effort using LeBLANC. That's six months off from one year project, or 5 mils from a 10 mil project.

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Introduction to

Model Driven Development

Model driven development (MDD) is an approach that uses models as a specification of software and transformations of those models to get the runnables and/or source code.

Or simply: Feed your definitions into the magic box, and out comes the working application. We typically expect to get 80% of the application done without writing single line of code.

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Model Driven Development

Everything that can be automated, should be automated

We're moving towards software factories


Our customers

We're celebrating our first production customer,
Finnish State Treasury!

EU Member States must present a national Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) in order to receive funding from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). The Plan forms part of the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland. Valtiokonttori chose LeBLANC to implement the system used to plan, gather and report on funding usage.

Legal Finance Compliance
Read What Valtiokonttori Says (in Finnish)

Focus on the essentials

Automate the rest

Our Model Driven Development method and tooling lets you focus on the essentials. The reasons why the application exists. Things that have real business value, things that bring in the money. Things that require and deserve human attention.

The rest we automate. These include the non-functional requirements (the ones that don’t bring in any money, but have to be implemented anyway), things that aren’t used often, or used by only few. And lots of other modern business app standard features. Get ~80% of the application done without writing a single line of code.


50% reduction in development effort using our method and tooling. Get significantly faster time-to-market, and reduced development costs. Larger projects become suddenly possible, as well as applications with short lifecycle.

Where it fits

Line-of-business (LOB) applications like ERP, HR, legal, banking, marketing, payroll, help desk or any other system-of-records. Systems which own the data and the business processes it runs, offer services to other applications and integrate with other systems. Fits both greenfield and modernization projects.

What you get

A modern, enterprise-grade application working from day one, with standard LOB features already included. Not a black box: Style it to fit your needs, enhance key use cases, tweak that UI, and implement complex business logic, flows or even AI.

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