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Software Factory

Industrial revolution

Roughly 80% of any business application can be produced automatically using LeBLANC.

What is this magic?
In a nutshell,

What is LeBLANC?

LeBLANC uses model driven development and software production lines to automate business application development. First, model your system requirements: Domain data content, business processes, and other details that define the system to be built.

We transform your model into a fully functional, cloud native application, and deploy it to Azure. Use the live application to test and iterate your design. Download the Visual Studio project, enhance the app as you see fit, and deploy to your own Azure subscription.

Think, model, deploy

Focus on the essentials

Automate the rest

Our method lets you focus on the essentials. The reasons why the application exists. Things that have real business value, things that bring in the money. Things that require and deserve human attention.

The rest we automate. These include the non-functional requirements (the ones that don’t bring in any money, but have to be implemented anyway), and all other modern business app standard features. Get ~80% of the application done without writing a single line of code.

Everything that can be automated, should be automated

LeBLANC Benefits

Projects & organizations

Your projects will be in time and on budget. Application secure, and rich with features. Empower your business experts, and take ownership of your projects.

Independent software vendors

Get ahead of your competition and start winning deals with LeBLANC. Speed, price, quality - the diffrentiator, and competitive edge you only dreamed of.

Startups & indie developers

Show, don't tell. Rapidly prototype your product ideas and showcase them to your customers. Get valuable feedback fast, evaluate and enhance the next version.

LEBLANC method explained

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Our customers

LeBLANC is available on Azure Marketplace

Step-by-step instructions: How to purchase LeBLANC