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Take ownerhip of your projects with LeBLANC

Why things need to change

in software projects

You are well aware that you are past deadline and over budget. As technology gets more complex every day, systems have become ridiculously expen$ive to build. Even with your massive implementation team, getting even the simplest feature to work seems impossible. You are caught in a flow of events, that you have no control over.

Your project
In LeBLANC software factory,

You are in control

With automation rates from 67 to 98%, your projects are in time and on budget. Starting from day one, use the working application to test, evaluate and refine your ideas.

LeBLANC transforms application development from art into a science. Using our automated software production line and model driven development approach, the outcomes are more predictable, efficient, secure and future-proof.

Effects for your project

with automated software production lines

Light speed

Our industrial method for building business applications halves your time-to-production. Do it yourself, or require your ISVs to use LeBLANC for maximum efficiency.

More bang for the buck!

Software project costs come from manual labor. With most of the manual work automated, why settle for minimum viable product? Same budget, more feature rich. Make your app shine (like a star)!

New opportunities

Automation unlocks new opportunities. Think of all the projects you hoped for, previously too expensive or risky? Their time is now. Hint: Legacy migrations.

Find the right partner for your project!

If you need help developing applications with LeBLANC, our partners help you all the way.

Your project will succeed

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Empower your business experts

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Step-by-step instructions: How to purchase LeBLANC