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with LeBLANC

Why things need to change

for independent software vendors

Differentiation in ISV market is nearly impossible, and competing with price leads to small margins. At the same time your best talent is stuck on tasks bringing no value. Your customers are on cut costs mode, while systems being ridiculously expen$ive to develop. Getting even the simplest application to work takes months in increasingly complex tech landscape. I think we agree that something needs to be done.

Code Monkeys

Your advantage

LeBLANC software factory

With LeBLANC, your projects are in time, on budget and rich with features. Built to match government high quality standards: Modern, cloud native, secure, scalable & battle proven architecture, implemented by industry best practices.

Aim for the result. Working application from day one to refine your ideas with. With ~80% of the application automatically produced, you now have the advantage.

The Advantage

How to diffrentiate and start winning projects!

Light speed

Ask for same price, but use our industrial method to beat your competitors by halving time-to-production.

More bang for the buck!

Why settle for minimum viable product? Win with more robust, error free and feature rich application - with same customer budget and schedule.

New markets

Automation unlocks new markets. Think of all the projects customer hoped for, but you weren’t able to deliver? Hint: Legacy migrations.

Don't compete, lead the market

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Streamline product innovation

Interested in becoming a LeBLANC partner?

Join on our #partnerprogram. When you win, we win.

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LeBLANC is available on Azure Marketplace

Step-by-step instructions: How to purchase LeBLANC