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from prototypes to production

The startup dilemma

It's always about time and money

You're bout' to change the world. You have practiced the pitch, prepared the excels, and then your customer asks to see a working prototype to make the final decision. You never had the time nor money to finish up the prototype - or to think about the production version...

Idea of an application
LeBLANC helps you from

prototypes to production

LeBLANC automates roughly ~80% of making any business application. Use the advantage to create rapid prototypes in days, ask for feedback, and then iterate on your design. Do it by yourself, or with the help of our partners. When funded, keep working in familiar LeBLANC environment to aim for the production version.

Kickstart your startup journey

with LeBLANC software factory

Rapid prototypes

Our industrial method allows you to quickly iterate on your ideas into a working application and showcase them to your customers. Get feedback, improve and repeat. Don't know How to start? Use our AI assistant to create your initial application model!

More bang for the buck!

When you get funded, you'll have a cost efficient, automated method to further develop your prototype into a working production grade application. Same budget, more feature rich. Make your app shine (like a star)!

No upfront costs

With our SaaS tools, there are no upfront costs. You pay us a small monthly fee for development tools until your application goes to production. Ask for our attractive startup pricing! Development partner pricing you negotiate yourself (if needed).

Find the right partner for your project!

If you need help developing applications with LeBLANC, our partners help you all the way.

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LeBLANC is available on Azure Marketplace

Step-by-step instructions: How to purchase LeBLANC