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Empower your Business Experts

Empower your business experts
LeBLANC high productivity development method puts business experts at the center of the development process, allowing them to take ownership of their projects.

Ownership and control

Business experts drive the inception process by creating, customizing, and managing application models and requirements. This shift of control from developers to business experts ensures that the focus remains on solving real-world business problems and delivering value.

User-friendly modeling languages

Our tools leverage line-of-business domain specific concepts like business entities and processes, making it easier for business experts to express their requirements and logic in a language they are familiar with. This reduces their reliance on developers for translating ideas into code, allowing them to take charge of the project.

Collaborative environment

Commonly shared model bridges the gap between business and technical teams, fostering a more inclusive development process. This collaboration ensures that business experts can actively participate in and drive the development of their applications.

Faster time-to-market

By enabling business experts to contribute directly to the development process, the method significantly shortens the time it takes to bring applications to market. This efficiency helps businesses stay agile and responsive to market changes.


The method's inherent flexibility allows business experts to easily incorporate changes and adapt to evolving business needs. This level of adaptability ensures that applications remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

As digital transformation continues to shape the business world, we offer an opportunity for business experts to take the reins and drive the development process. Embrace the power of LeBLANC to unlock the full potential of your business experts!