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Future-proof your applications

Future proof your applications
Concerned about the long-term viability of your applications?

Application fashions - like UI style, patterns, idioms and especially technology used - change often, usually a few times before your implementation project is even finished. This constant change causes applications to age unnaturally fast, even if the business requirements remained the same. Our unique method and supporting tools can help to future-proof your applications by providing a flexible, adaptable, and reusable foundation for your application design and development.

Business need vs. Implementation

With LeBLANC, you use models to describe your application's requirements, design, and behavior. These models essentially describe the solution to business problem, and require updates only when your business evolves. What ages, is the implementation. And boy does it age fast!

During the development of LB tools, we already had two major .NET version updates, requiring certain parts of the application to be re-written. Many code packages had been deprecated either because of discovered vulnerabilities or updates on features. The point: Every time something (out of your circle of influence) changes, you most likely need to react, and change your application as well. This is the most important reason for the technical debt that cumulates in the application: The more dependencies to outside world, the more maintenance and refactoring is needed.

Future proof your application with LeBLANC

With LeBLANC you can outsource these changes to our Fusion application generator. The transformation is kept up to date to reflect changes in business or technology trends, or in user preferences. This can help you to avoid costly and time-consuming rewrites or redesigns down the line. A lot less refactoring required.

Imagine: We can even take care of moving your app from browser, and back to desktop native if that's what people want in the future. Or switch programming languages. Or make it a VR app. You just re-generate the app from model, and that's pretty much it. Implementation ages, not your business requirements.

If you're looking to future-proof your applications and maximize their value over time, consider adopting LeBLANC as a core part of your software development process.