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Advancing Software Engineering Education: LeBLANC with UEF

Advancing Software Engineering Education: LeBLANC with UEF
There are never enough model driven development professionals in the world!

We are proud to announce our cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) in their advanced level course "Model-based Software Engineering". This collaboration underscores LeBLANC Finland Oy's commitment to supporting education and the development of future professionals in the field of software engineering.

The course, led by PhD Virpi Hotti, provides a comprehensive overview of model-oriented software development, integrating both entity- and large language models. It offers a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, providing thorough understanding of the considerations necessary for model-oriented software development.

A key aspect of the course is the hands-on development of model-oriented applications. As part of this educational endeavor, we have provided our LeBLANC toolset for students to study, experiment, and create fully functional business applications. It is our belief that by providing our technology, we can contribute to the practical learning experience of the students, equipping them with valuable skills for their future careers.

Through our collaboration with UEF and Virpi Hotti, we aim to support the cultivation of new talent in software development and to contribute to the advancement of the field. We look forward to the innovative solutions and developments that will emerge from this course!

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