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Positioning LeBLANC on lowcode field

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How does LeBLANC position in the lowcode market? In short, It's the size that matters, and who owns the data and business processes your system deals with. Here's a quick positioning guide for LeBLANC offering.

How does LeBLANC position in the lowcode field?

LeBLANC tools are intended for implementing large core business systems, like expenses payable, project billing, logistics, insurance handling or a reservation system. Core systems own the data and are responsible for handling the business process from start to finish, and serve as datasource for other connecting systems via integrations.

Current lowcode/nocode tools are mostly fit for creating small, few user interface screen utility applications that typically implement one or few business process steps for oganizational users. These utility applications handle simple use cases like: Manager can view and accept travel expense, Show my timesheet and report working hours, Show the next destination for distribution van driver etc.

To summarize: If you are making few screen utility apps to fill gaps in your business process gray area, current lowcode tools are good fit. If you need to implement the core enterprise system owning the processes and data, LeBLANC is your choice. We'll even provide the APIs your other lowcode apps can use. LeBLANC is the fast-track to productive enteprise system development.

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