Billed monthly based on your usage. Prices are USD per month. VAT not included.
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LeBLANC Development Tools Subscription

This provides a full toolset to start developing applications in an efficient and automated way. Model your application with LeBLANC Designer, and deploy to LeBLANC hosted Farm to instantly see your app in action. Export full Visual Studio project with source codes generated by our Fusion Generator, modify, extend, run and debug on your workstation. Or deploy the app to your own Azure subscription. Have it your way.

For development and test you only need the Development Tools Subscription. The subscription contains LeBLANC Designer with ten user licenses, three LeBLANC hosted farms to run your apps, and the use of Fusion Generator that transforms your models into applications. All Development tools are delivered as SaaS service: Get the subscription, sign in, and start using.

Additional farm and user packs available. New features may be priced separately.

* Production Runtime License

Production license price reflects the reduced effort you get by using LeBLANC tools and method.
This price is ALWAYS negotiated based on your scenario to create a win-win situation.

When you start using your LeBLANC generated application in production, you need to obtain a Named Application Production Runtime License. This license covers the use of LB generated source codes, configuration files, and any other output produced by development tools in production. The price is negotiated by your production scenario, and is typically affected by:

  • Customer count: How many customers your app has? One (as in single customer project) or multiple (as in product development scenario)
  • The size of your application: From Small to Extra-Large. Designer metrics tells your current app size rating.
  • Named Application License means that you need a separate license for each application you deploy to production.
Running applications on non-production environments; such as developer workstations, LB hosted farms, or any other development, test, quality assurance or user acceptance test environments is always free.

LeBLANC on Azure Marketplace

You can obtain Development Tools Subscription and Named Application Production Runtime Licenses by subscribing to our LeBLANC on Azure Marketplace offering. Invoicing is based on credits where one (1) credit equals one (1) USD. For example - if your development tools subscription costs $1500 per month, your monthly Azure invoice would show 1500 credit consumption, equalling USD 1500. When you add production runtime license, valued for example $2500/month, your total credit consumption per month would be 4000 credits, equalling USD 4000. Credits consumed are calculated based on your subscription features and license prices.

You'll be billed for your Marketplace recurring purchases in the period in which you purchased it. These charges appear on the respective calendar month's invoice. They continue to auto-renew in the following period on the same day of your original purchase.

Customer Success Services

Optional, but highly recommended. When you start developing with LeBLANC, we want you to succeed with your project. Our Kickstart sessions help you to get started: We'll introduce you to the key concepts, the method, recommended ways of working and other best practices. We'll be there during your project to answer questions, help modeling, remove blockers and help you keep good progress. When your project nears production, we can participate in planning or evaluating the production environment. Anything you need to get there! Customer success work is billed separately by actual hours.

Pricing examples

Scenario: We want to make sure that LeBLANC fits our case!

Please contact us directly. We want you to succeed, and we'll help evaluate if LeBLANC is right fit for your project. Let's schedule a meeting for introduction and evaluation, no costs involved.

Scenario: We want to start developing apps with LeBLANC!

Monthly Cost = Development Tools Subscription
One time cost = Kickstart Session, typically 2 hours. Optional, and highly recommended.

Scenario: Our app is ready, and will go to production!

Monthly Cost = Development Tools Subscription + Named Application Production Runtime License
One time cost = Production platform readiness session & production best practices. Optional.

Educational Use Licensing

World needs more heroes! We sometimes grant free development tool subscriptions for educational and research purposes. If you are for example planning to run a course on lowcode / no-code / model driven development, or you're a graduate/doctoral student writing thesis/dissertation on a subject that is close to our heart, contact us with your idea, and see what we can come up with!

Price changes

We reserve right to change subscription prices at any time without further notice, unless stated otherwise in a separate, fixed term agreement with the customer. If you have ordered but not yet paid for a subscription, we guarantee the price for one month when the order was placed.